dogNeutering & Spaying

Protect a Pup is a voluntary run group with charitable aims. Our sole goal is to prevent the death of abandoned dogs. Local authorities in the UK killed an estimated 7,805 homeless dogs from 1 April 2013 to the 31st of March 2014 (Dogs Trust Stray Dog Survey 2014).

Protect a Pup aims to reduce this number by offering free neutering and spaying and education initiatives.


A total of 110,675 dogs were handled by local authorities last year, 7% of this figure being killed; Protect a Pup believes this is completely unacceptable (sign the petition here). 26% of these dogs were passed onto animal welfare organisations – all of which rely on donations to run. 49,964 were reunited with their owners, 10,084 because of a microchip.

Protect a Pup wants to see more dogs reunited with owners; we provide free microchipping.

Food Banks

Protect a Pup is concerned that due to the harsh economic climate that even more dogs will be left without a home. We aim to provide free advice, free food, free bowls, free collars, leads and education via our Dog Food Banks.


We have extensive experience working with rescued dogs in both kennels and home environments, re-homing, general health checks and behavioural issues.