A Big thank you to all those who made Saving Sammy possible

Sammy’s life has been terrible up until now. He was abused as a puppy and then passed from home to home. When we picked Sammy up this week we were told he hadn’t had a walk for 2 years! and had been left living in an empty house for 2 months. Sammy is a very anxious little boy, suffering from separation anxiety and panic attacks when around other dogs out on walks. His foster carer is doing a fantastic job with him, showing him kindness and patience.

From Sammy’s foster carer, Natalie

Best friends now. Sammy came to me after I saw the plea on Facebook via a friend of mine. It just broke my heart to see another beautiful animal needing a home or he would be destroyed. Sammy was due to be PTS the next day so it was a bit of a impulse phone call but it’s the best call I ever made. He was timid and scared, overwhelmed the first day home but we have been working on his insecurities. He has had all his check ups and a clean bill of health has been given. He is coming on really well now, walks 3 times per day and lots of cuddles. I think he’s going to be just fine.

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