Meet this lovely little girl Bobbie. Please donate to help us with her spay and microchip.

Please donate on the website or her crowd funding page

She has been in our care since 15/02/2014

We need help with funds for her spay and microchip. She is currently seven months old so will be spayed within the coming months.

As part of our free ads campaign we contact every ‘dog free to good home’ advert placed on Gumtree with information about the dangers and what they can do to ensure their dog/s are kept as safe as possible. We’ve had some great feedback, with on average 5 advertisers removing their adverts each week (that we know of) and either deciding to keep their dogs or re-home through where home checks are carried out.

We have spoken to many owners and one owner was Bobbies!

In Bobbies short 7 month life she has already had 4 homes! And been advertised on gumtree as free multiple times. We were lucky to speak with the previous (new) owner who couldn’t keep her any longer – we couldn’t do anything but go and get her!

I must stress that no one at any point wanted any form of identity from myself and she was handed over to me within minutes of meeting her. She is a very lucky girl that we interviened and she did not end up in the wrong hands. Her risk was increasing with each new home!

This week we have also exposed a dog breeder who tried to obtain a free gumtree dog, he lied to the owner but was soon caught out when we googled his mobile number and came accross his countless adverts selling puppies! The dog, Diesel will now not be rehomed as his owner, horrified, has commited to working with Diesel for him to over come his seperation anxiety – which was the reason for re-homing She has also booked Diesel in for a neuter this coming week!

We cannot take in every dog but we are committed to educating owners and helping where we can.

Please donate even just a small amount, it will help us a lot.

If you have a name suggestion for Bobbie please tweet us @protectapup or facebook protectapup

Thank you